Hi all!

Been a bit busy with work and finding an apartment to move to. Hopefully things clear out later this month. I’ll keep you all posted whenever I have time. Thanks for sticking around. Regular doll updates will commence later this month. Sorry. -_-”


Small Update and Another Second Hand Iplehouse doll on layaway!!

I have been bitten by the Iplehouse bug and it feels great. Well not so much on the wallet but that’s why I save.
So this other Iplehouse doll will be a discontinued Mars. I just love his sweet face. I even have a character for him. But for me to finish the character fully I need to other a few things from Iplehouse, so I might do a small group order over on DoA. Not sure yet.

Working on making some clothing for Ellie. Will see how that turns out. Almost done with Bibiane’s layaway, so excited about that. Also I’m trying to get better at drawing so I’m taking time to do that whenever I can.

That’s all for now.


A Pretty Dress for Elethea!

Last weekend I sat down and made a pretty dress for Ellie. I say it’s not finished because I would like to add some sleeves but I’m not sure. I do like it the way it is, so maybe I’ll keep it like this. Hopefully I can make more outfits for her next weekend.

I’m so excited about her! I just want to make a bunch of outfits for her. I just don’t know where to start. I’ll probably end up making a list here or a challenge for myself. ^_^ Whatever I decided I’ll keep you all posted.

Now for the pictures:

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